About Us

Our Story

For over a decade, Aristotle’s Alexander has prioritized our client’s needs, transforming challenges into thriving opportunities. We integrate, innovate, and outperform so that our clients are empowered through technology to do the same. Utilizing proven methods of Project and Quality management, we are able to consistently deliver projects that exceed expectations and provide real ROI. And, in order to meet those needs, we’ve curated a team of local and offshore developers, strategists, architects, project managers, digital marketers, and subject matter experts with real-world and battle-tested experience. We know that you want someone that you can trust, and we take great pride in providing you with solutions that will have a lasting and positive impact.


Our Mission​

To consistently deliver value to our clients through product and service excellence, by solving business challenges, and helping them achieve their goals.

Our Vision​

To become the leading global technology company committed to providing advanced solutions that improve organizational performance and improve quality of lives.

Our Values

Innovative solutions. Customer-focused. Advising with honesty, integrity, and experience. Treat all clients, colleagues, employees, and vendors as strategic partners. Excellence is a habit.

Our Skills & Expertise

Even after 10+ years in business, we still have the same drive, motivation, and sheer energy as we did on day one. Our passion for People, Process, and Technology is what pushes us to deliver extraordinary solutions that result in the thriving success of your business. Afterall, our success is really your success.

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