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Collaborative Portals That Bring You Together

collaborative portals bring you together

Collaborative portals help users within companies connect and complete daily tasks. These types of applications make workflows more efficient by letting employees focus on the tasks at hand.

We specialize in the installation, configuration, and customization of several collaboration suites.

“Collaborative software or groupware is an application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve goals. One of the earliest definitions of collaborative software is ‘intentional group processes plus software to support them.”
— Wikipedia

When companies need a more efficient way to communicate within the organization, a collaborative portal is usually the solution. These portals have the ability to integrate intranet, content and document management allowing individuals to work together more effectively. Management, employees, vendors and partners are able to access anything they need from one central location. Individual sites can be created for separate projects making project management more organized and efficient. Collaborative portals allow for customization of permission levels so management can decide who has access to what content.

  • Benefits recognized from collaborative portals include:
  • Enhanced visibility into business process
  • Time saved freeing up staff for other duties
  • Increased efficiency
  • Designed for non-technical users
  • Minimal cost and risk
  • Simple implementation

One of our specializations is custom development and integrations for Sharepoint 2013.

It has been a pleasure to work with Aristotle’s Alexander team through this upgrade process. They are very knowledgeable, patient, and professional in their collection of facts, solution delivery, and implementation.
– Dr. Jo Schexneider, interim Chief Information Technology & Resources Officer