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Digital Transformation Questions

digital transformation questions

Getting ready to transform your business? There are three fundamental Digital Transformation Questions a business should ask:

  • Why do we need to transform?
  • What do we need to transform?
  • How can we transform?

It’s not a case of if they need Digital Transformation, but where and how they need to deploy these technologies. A company that’s serious about digital change must embrace the cloud – the scalable and adaptable technology that makes so much business transformation possible. But businesses have legitimate concerns about security and data privacy, and these issues often hijack conversations about taking more processes into the cloud. The good news is that public cloud services are developing a reputation for safety and security that is driving significant growth in the sector. There are also now many private and hybrid cloud options that give companies the best of all worlds – keeping data that needs to be private in-house, for example, while allowing other information to be processed in a public cloud.

Once you’ve identified what your company needs to transform, you can benefit from the cloud’s scalability and take the rest of your transformation at a pace that suits your budget or meets any legacy contract constraints. When adopting mobile solutions, you can embrace a safe and secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy or you can deploy your own hardware. With big data, you can scale up or down to your own schedule, according to your cloud usage – whether that’s the seasonality of product purchasing or the pace of the introduction of new apps.

Everywhere and anytime a customer, staff member, or partner interacts with your business, it should be a consistent and positive experience. This is the change that drives customer loyalty and staff retention pushes down costs and increases revenue. This is the transformation that will allow your business to respond instantly to the marketplace, innovate faster, analyze more deeply and give your users what they want almost before they know they want it.