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Transformation Strategies that Support your Business Objectives

transformation strategies support business objectives

IT needs are growing at a pace that is very hard for any sized business to keep up. Oftentimes, seeing exactly what needs to be accomplished and how to get there puts a lot of pressure on a company. Our IT services allow any company to see the big picture on how to make their day-to-day flow more efficient. Our consulting option will expose many solutions that weren’t seen before. These solutions are always custom-tailored to your needs through our blueprinting option. The end result is a full plan of action to tackle even the largest obstacles. If you like what you see, you can even hire us as your virtual CIO.

IT Consulting

Properly analyzing your business and comparing it to your future goals allows us to gather all the solutions you needed. Our consulting services have the technological expertise and business finesse to tackle any technological complication, no matter how big or small. Leveraging existing systems can increase the value of your systems.

Blueprinting Strategy

Blueprinting is often left out of the development phases of a project. Blueprinting is an IT service that allows developers and business analysts to come together with stakeholders in order to piece together an application from the ground up. Strategic assessment allows for more efficiency during the functionality development phases of components. Clarity and transparency in application development is key, and blueprinting allows for this to happen.

Virtual CIO Strategy

Partnering with a company that can help you reach your goals is key to staying competitive in today’s business world. Small to medium-sized companies are realizing the benefit of having the expertise of a CIO, without the full-time expense. By outsourcing CIO needs, you don’t have to speak tech to be innovative with technology. With our Virtual CIO solution, you will be able to handle all your technical needs with minimal involvement possible.

EDI Consulting

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) continues to be a major force in many industries, therefore we take pride in specializing in eCommerce consulting for EDI needs. Whether you have EDI solutions currently in place or are looking to find the best methods of implementing eCommerce within your business, we have the right tools and strategies to meet all your goals.

B2B and P2P Integration

Our b2b / p2p system is built on the cloud and developed to handle transactions of electronic business documents to and from vendors and suppliers. We integrate with existing ERP or back-office accounting systems so invoices will go directly from accounting to the customer’s portal. This b2b / p2p solution provides any and all connections to get you e-invoicing in no time by specializing in integration for Oildex, Cortex, PIDX, Ariba, ADP, Hubwoo, and more.

Systems Integrations

The objective of any Systems Integration project is to combine systems while ensuring an organization’s processes are seamlessly followed and uninterrupted. Whether you’re switching from one system to another or integrating multiple systems, the task doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team works with you to reach your end goal of a fully integrated business system.