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What is Systems Integration?

what is systems integration

In information technology, systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.
— System Integration on Wikipedia

In order to function on a daily basis, many companies employ a plethora of systems that work together to get the job done. Sometimes, these systems are lacking and could be better integrated with newer technology. We specialize in analyzing your systems. Our team can not only find the best solutions for your new system integration needs, but they can implement them as well.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The common result of a merger and acquisition is several unrelated platforms and siloed systems. Aggressive delivery timelines, multiple project risks, and dependencies, and extensive data scrubbing and cleanup always add complexity to these projects. These challenges require a comprehensive assessment, solution design, and implementation. Experience in providing strategic planning, system consolidation, process improvement, and technology implementation make us the company of choice in mergers and acquisitions. We help meet the following objectives: stabilization of databases, integration of systems, resolution of silos, streamlining of business processes, and achievement of business intelligence across the enterprise.

Past projects have involved multiple platforms, to name a few: Sharepoint/MOSS development and migration, custom windows/web application development, database migrations to SQL, ETL / SSIS, BI / Reporting, and Enterprise Architecture. We deliver data visibility and manageability, an integrated platform for business intelligence (BI) and reporting, a virtualized collaboration platform, and a highly available and reliable server solution. The end result is the alignment of overall business technology with a corporate strategy for increased business agility.

Oil and Gas Integrations

The challenge we usually face with Oil and Gas Integrations is numerous siloed systems. Multiple data entry points compromise data quality and lack of systems’ communication across functions result in inefficient business processes. Companies are unable to transform their wealth of customer information into the business insight that cross-functional analytics would provide. This is where we come in and perform a detailed analysis of business processes and systems and develop an architecture for process, data, and systems integrations. An implementation plan would follow.

We provide tangible and cost-effective solutions to business challenges. By integrating systems, we improve communication and collaboration, streamline workflows and processes, and increase productivity and transparency across the organization.