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In the modern digital economy, every organization needs a robust Digital IQ.

It’s no longer just about having the latest technology – it’s about how well your organization understands, implements, and leverages that technology to drive your business forward.

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Digital IQ: The Smarter Way to Succeed

20% greater Revenues​

30% greater Profit Margins​​​

More Engaged Employees

Recognition as Industry Leaders​

Higher Company Valuations


// About Digital IQ

What is Digital IQ?

In a world driven by rapid technological advancement, your company’s digital IQ is key to staying ahead and achieving sustainable growth.
Digital IQ refers to an organization’s capability to harness and integrate digital technologies into all aspects of its operations. This includes understanding digital trends, driving digital innovation, and leveraging technology to create value, engage customers, and outperform competitors.

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To truly capitalize on digital opportunities, you need to first understand where you stand. That’s why we’ve created an intuitive, easy-to-use Digital IQ assessment tool. This tool helps you determine your organization’s current Digital IQ level, highlighting both your strengths and the areas that need enhancement.

// Why Should you take it?

What you'll gain

After you complete the assessment, we’ll provide you with a free comprehensive Digital IQ report, giving you a clear understanding of how digitally mature your organization is. But that’s not all, we also provide you with actionable recommendations tailored specifically to your organization’s needs to help you digitally transform and scale your business to new heights.

Free Insights

Understand how well your organization leverages digital technologies and where there is room for improvement.


Receive tailored recommendations to improve your Digital IQ and transform your business in the digital era.


See how your organization’s Digital IQ stacks up against industry standards and competitors.

Embrace the digital revolution with confidence
Your company’s future starts now, and it starts here.

// We Transform Business

What We Do

Our company offers results focused solutions, delivered by experts, committed to creating value for you. We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business.

The Foundational aspect of Digital IQ focuses on developing a reliable, scalable, and secure IT base well-equipped for disaster recovery. See some of the services we offer to improve your company’s foundation.

Our Services

  • Digital Infrastructure Development
  • Security Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Process & Governance Management

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The Strategic component of Digital IQ is about aligning your business goals with your technology investments and initiatives. See some of the services we offer to improve your company’s strategic capabilities.

Our Services

  • Strategic Technology Implementation
  • Strategic IT Advisory Services
  • Digital-IQ Enablement
  • ROI Optimization
  • Technology Roadmap Development

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Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency in the Digital IQ framework is about leveraging technology to streamline your business processes for optimal performance. See some of the services we offer to improve your company’s operational efficiency.

Our Services

  • Current Process Evaluation
  • Efficiency Discovery
  • Customized Solution Development
  • Integrative Solutions
  • Supportive Training
  • Business Process Consulting

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The Security component of Digital IQ revolves around implementing robust security measures to protect your business’s digital assets. See some of the services we offer to improve your company’s security capabilities.

Our Services

  • Privacy and Awareness Programs
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Endpoint and Network Security
  • Security Tools
  • System Hardening and Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Response Management

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Brand & Differentiation

This is all about creating a unique and compelling brand identity that sets your business apart from the competition. See some of the services we offer to improve your company’s brand and differentiation.

Our Services

  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Website & App Development
  • Content & Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • E-Commerce Platform Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics & Reporting 
  • Reactivation Campaigns

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This is the linchpin for business growth and innovation – it transcends traditional operational boundaries, fostering strategic partnerships for meaningful and early collaboration. See some of our services to improve your company’s digital transformation.

Our Services

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Vision Crafting
  • Investment Focus Planning
  • Digital Governance Structuring
  • Digital Engagement Strategies
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Digital Training Programs
  • Partnership and Acquisition Consultation
  • Transformation Index Development

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// Testimonials


Hear it from our clients
Kirk Landry
CEO/Sales at Certum
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ArisAlex provided the leadership necessary to guide us to our goals
They allowed us to seamlessly embrace our new CRM, giving us much-needed peace of mind. When faced with challenges, given our new tools, we have the team helping with post-migration support questions and assisting in learning how to use better the tools we purchased. Thanks to ArisAlex, we went from hampered to empowered, allowing us to get back to simply operating our business rather than worrying about our IT needs.
Steven Lavergne
Owner at Legacy Cooling and Heating
Read More
I had someone start a website for my business, but that didn't work out well. I contacted ArisAlex Digital, and they went above and beyond. The information they gathered about my company and my needs made me feel comfortable that I was dealing with a professional. I've received praise for my new website and am pleased. 12/10 would recommend them!
IT Director at United Vision Logistics
Read More
We needed to integrate the processes and systems of four companies during a big merger; the environment was complex. ArisAlex effectively provided an end-to-end integration solution for our organization's safety, collaboration, business intelligence, and B2B systems.
Margaret Greene
Senior Accounting Manager at EcoServ
Read More
Aristotle's Alexander has always provided us with the highest and most professional level of workmanship and attentiont o detail and quality. You have responded to ourneeds and completed work on schedule in sometimes demanding conditions. In addition to your quality work, your consistent IT support and customer service, including your fast response time, have always been performed exceptionally. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.
Johnny Murphy
Business Systems Manager at Tony Chachere's Creole Foods
Read More
We are glad to know that they are a resource that we can call on when needed!
The team at Aristotle’s Alexander was very professional and responsive to our needs using their breadth of experience to make suitable suggestions to answer specific needs or concerns. We were able to proceed thru the collection of data quickly and systematically consider and evaluate the proposal from 8 different ERP candidates. This allowed us much more time to work on the actual conversion rather than being bogged down in the evaluation process.

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