What is Project Management?

Let’s imagine you and some friends want to go away for a weekend. You’ve all worked hard and feel like you deserve some time away. All of this sounds fantastic, but to turn this dream into a reality, you need someone to manage and coordinate the activities your group will be doing. It would help […]

What is a Software Blueprint?

Imagine building a house without a blueprint? You wouldn’t!! The process of building software is infinitely more complex which we believe makes blueprinting the necessary starting point of any software project. Stakeholder involvement is crucial at every step of the blueprinting process so we know we’re understanding our customer’s needs and producing predictable results. We […]

Transformation Strategies that Support your Business Objectives

IT needs are growing at a pace that is very hard for any sized business to keep up. Oftentimes, seeing exactly what needs to be accomplished and how to get there puts a lot of pressure on a company. Our IT services allow any company to see the big picture on how to make their […]